Confirmation Mass - Gifts and Responsibility - 10 Apr 12


Archbishop Timothy Broglio


Archbishop BroglioArchbishop Broglio explains the gift of the fullness of the spirit for the sacrament of Confirmation, which completes the work begun by the rebirth in the waters of baptism.


The archbishop speaks of how each of us are part of the body of Christ and therefore each one of us is important.  He speaks how each of us have received special gifts and talents that we should use to build up the body of Christ.  If we decide to withhold those gifts and talents then the church - our community - is denied.


Archbishop Broglio stated we are called upon to be authentic witnesses to God's presence.  He spoke of the challenges and, at times, our behavior may be counter cultural but that shouldn't stop our journey - for we are on a pilgrimage to the ultimate goal in the Kingdom of God.

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St. Patrick's Church at Moody Air Force Base