Expect the Unexpected - 8 Jul 12

Fr Steve Voyt

Expect the UnexpectedIn the Gospel we're given a challenge from God.  Are we able to accept Him coming into our lives  in unexpected ways? 

Too often we're creatures of habit and we assume that God is going to come into our lives in a way that we expect, with the people that we think that God will use.  God sits back and many times goes, "I can surprise you any way I want to."  And many times will because He is so infinite that He can come into your life in any way imaginable.  So, we have to ask ourselves, "How truly open are we to God coming into our lives?"  If we try to pigeonhole God, we block Him out to the many ways He wants to come into our lives.

What things do we consider important in our lives?  Ask yourself, "Are these the same things that God considers important?" 

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