We are the Branches; Jesus is the Vine - 3 May 15


Fr Jude Shayo, AJ


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Jesus is the Vine; We are the BranchesWhat matters most is being united with the Lord, or as the Gospel of John puts it several times, “remaining” in him, being joined to him as intimately as branches are joined to the vine.  

God the Father is glorified when we bear much fruit and become the disciples of Jesus." [Jn. 15:8]. 

In one verse that we heard during the Gospel reading, Jesus summarized how we can bear much fruit.  He said that those who abide in Him and He in them bear much fruit.  In other words, those who embrace a spiritual life by seeking to grow in holiness, in them Jesus dwells.

The relationship that we should have with Jesus is compared to the branch of a vine.  While the vine takes its nourishment from the ground, the branches receive their food and water from the vine.  The vine is the source from which the branches receive their living water that gives them life and makes them bloom.  If the living water was to be cut off from the branches, they would dry up, die and decay.

 Through our actions, we are to bear much fruit as disciples of Jesus. Through our faith in Jesus and our love towards others, the Heavenly Father is glorified.



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