Sin of Materialism - 14 Oct 12

Fr Steve Voyt

How open are our eyes to recognizing God in our midst?  Many times we are blind.  We blinded by the things we think are important. 

In the end, we recognize these "things" have no lasting value.  Only God Himself is lasting. 

Are we willing to see God around us?

In the Gospel we're asked a simple question, "What do we put our trust in?"  We live in a materialistic world where we are told that the only thing we can put our trust in is your own success, or monetary worth, because that is what determines who you are.  The Gospel today really rejects this.  Too often we don't fully reject this.  We fall into the trap of the sin of materialism.

Ask yourself a simple question.  When we look at our stuff, do we own our stuff or does our stuff own us?

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