A "Perfect Christmas" - 25 Dec 11


Fr Steve Voyt

Midnight Mass:  We come together to celebrate the incarnation of our Lord.  The Word became flesh and dwelt among us.   This marks the time where we come to know God is indeed there.  Up to this point, we've heard spoken words from the prophets, we have seen indications of God's presence but with the birth of Christ, God is made visible.  God became flesh.  He became one of us.  He forms an unbreakable bond with us and reminds us of His promise that He never again would leave us alone.

In this Midnight Mass homily, Fr. Voyt discusses the "Perfect Christmas."  What is a perfect Christmas?  Father also explains how our children understand that Christmas is special and that they feel a love because of it.  He goes on to say, as adults, we need to share that excitement and that we, who have a relationship with God, need to share that relationship with others because our joy becomes contagious and draws others in.  We become the instruments by which God reaches out to a world who is hungry for His presence.

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