Using God's Gifts to Serve Others - 30 Sep 12

Fr Steve Voyt

Believing is SeeingThe readings remind us that we cannot put a fence around the way that God moves into our lives.  God blesses each of us with different types of gifts and we have no control over that.  Many times we try to put God on our schedule.  God reminds us over and over again He works the way He works. 

How open are we to the gifts of God in our lives?  And more importantly, how readily do we use those gifts to reach out to others?

ow open are our eyes to recognizing God in our midst?  Many times we are blind.  We blinded by the things we think are important. 

In the end, we recognize these "things" have no lasting value.  Only God Himself is lasting. 

Are we willing to see God around us?

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