Wearing Jesus Christ - 12 Oct 14

Fr Jude Shayo, A.J.

Wearing Jesus ChristIn the Gospel there is a parable of a young man who shows up for the feast seemingly unprepared, without wearing a wedding garment.  When asked why, he has nothing to say for himself and the king kicked him out of the ceremony.  Like all the parables, the meaning is much deeper.  This parable isn't about what to wear to a feast or to church.  The parable is about wearing Jesus Christ.

Paul wrote wrote to the Romans that you “Put on Christ.”  Or as he said to the Galatians: “Clothe yourselves in Christ.”   That is our directive from our first moments as Catholic Christians.  In the baptism ritual, the newly baptized is dressed in a new white robe and told, “You have become a new creation and have clothed yourself in Christ.  See in this white garment the outward sign of your Christian dignity.”

To "wear Jesus Christ" means to put on the vest of faith, the belt of courage, the coat of mercy and compassion.  It means to enclose ourselves in a garment of love.  The person clothed in Christ should live, act, think and pray differently.  But before we act differently, we must have to make the choice of "wearing our faith."  This means witnessing, modeling and sharing with the world in how we live our lives and how we behave.

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