Father Answers Your Questions

Question:  In our Confirmation class we've discussed our baptismal promises and the importance of living out these promises.  Can you explain?

Answer:  First of all, thank you for the question.  I enjoy answering questions from the confirmandi of our parish.

In the event that others may not understand what you mean by "baptismal promises," let me first explain that through our baptismal promises we publicly profess or testify that we (1) reject sin and (2) reject all that leads us away from God and (3) turn our entire life toward living the new life in the Holy Trinity that we receive at Baptism.

Living out our baptismal promises is not something we do in isolation.  Joined to Christ in Baptism we are adopted children of God the Father and members of the Church and have received the gift of the Holy Spirit.  As members of the Body of Christ, we are called to actively live out our faith with and for others.  In particular, we must see to transform the world by living our faith in our family, community, and society.

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