Father Answers Your Questions


Question Is is it meant by "Church Etiquette?"

Answer Church etiquette is designed to make our Eucharistic celebrations reverent, preserve the sacred character of our liturgies, and make all who gather with us comfortable.

Arriving on Time:  We ask that you make every effort to be on time for Mass.  If you arrive after the Gospel has been proclaimed, please refrain from receiving Communion that day.

Conversation:  Out of respect for the liturgy and those who wish to engage in private prayer before and after Mass, please maintain a reverent silence in the main body of the church.  Conversation should be limited to the lobby.  Also, crying children should be taken to the crying room in back of the church.

Communication Devices:  Kindly remember to silence all cell phones and before entering the church.

Leaving before the Final Blessing:  The time after Communion gives us an opportunity to offer thanks for the gift we have received.  The Final Blessing is an important part of the Mass.  At the dismissal, our commission to go out and spread the good news of Jesus Christ is celebrated.  Please remember that the celebrant should be the last person to enter and the first one to leave Mass.

Proper Attire:  Dress should be modest and not attract undue attention.  This reflects a respect for Jesus, self, and others at Mass.

Food and Drink:  Please do not bring any food, drink or chewing gum into the church.

Fidgeting Children:  It's important for children between the ages of 2 and 6, to be at Mass and to learn to be quiet for an hour.  When children come to Mass, they slowly get used to the idea that they're expected to behave for a limited amount of time.

Parents should bring books or soft toys, anything that will not make more noise, to keep the children entertained.  If children continue to be disruptive, the parents should take them outside for a short time and then bring them back.  Priests want children to come to Mass.  It's better to have fidgeting children at Mass than no children at all.  We want them to learn to behave now so when they get older they're ready to deepen their participation in the Mass.

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