Religious Education Overview

The Moody AFB Religious Education (RE) Program begins in September (registration begins in August) and ends in the month of May.  We have CCD classes ranging from Pre-K to high school. 

To register or for more information all the Base Chapel at 257-3211.

We also offer Sacramental classes.  Our second graders receive their First Reconciliation and their First Communion.  The sacramental life is central to who we are as Catholic followers of Jesus Christ.  With RCL's Eucharist and Reconciliation program, ritual is the key to a highly effective catechetical lesson plan helping children to experience the sacrament and gradually come to know the mysteries of our faith.

Eucharist and Reconciliation prepare the students not only for the "first" experience of sacraments, but more importantly for a lifetime of being nourished at the table of the Lord and knowing the healing and forgiveness offered in Christ.

First Communion is celebrated in May while Confirmation is celebrated in the Fall.  Throughout the year, the students participate in programs and activities that coincide with the Church Calendar.  You will be given a schedule in the beginning of the RE program so you can plan accordingly.

If your child has not made his or her Confirmation and is between the ages of 13 and 16, then he or she is entitled to receive the sacrament and be confirmed.  The RCL Confirmation program allows young people to experience God through ritual, creating a powerful atmosphere in which to reflect on the eight aspects of the Confirmation rite.  Each session is designed to assist young people on their faith journey and to help candidates become better and active disciples of Jesus Christ.

Childrens’ Church is offered weekly coinciding with the CCD schedule.  It is for children age 3 through first grade.  Through art and play, children learn about the life of Christ.  To be a childrens’ church leader you must be in at least 7th grade and to be a helper you must be in at least 5th grade.  POC: Ms Christine Johnson



Blessed are you, God of all creation;

in your image you have made us;

In your likeness you have formed us.

Out of love, you have called us each by name; before we were born you dedicated us; prophets to the nations you appointed us.

Open our hearts to your Word, O God,

as with your prophet Jeremiah, guide us.

as with Jesus in the synagogue,

give us the courage to speak your Word.

For we must stand as prophets in the world this day, for we are your people, and you are our God.




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