Catechist Training



The military diocese requires all teacher volunteers to participate and complete five blocks of training.  All catechists must complete the AMS certification training, as specified below, not later than 28 Feb 08.  Please forward completed blocks of education to the RE Coordinator.  If you  have any questions or need any help please call or e-mail the RE Coordinator.



The Archdiocese for the Military Services (AMS) uses the AMS Catechist Training Manual to certify all catechists working in the religious education programs at military facilities.   The program is intended to standardize the approach that is needed by all catechists in working with our highly mobile military community.   It is hoped that all who participate in our religious education programs will be sensitized to and supportive of a welcoming atmosphere supporting a consistent methodology in working with our students.
All catechists in our Catholic Religious Education programs are supposed to be certificated by the AMS not later than the Summer of 2007.   Catechists who have already completed a program conducted by their civilian (arch)diocese may be able to receive credit for that training.

How to Complete the AMS Catechist Formation Program

“Making Disciples of Christ” Catechist Formation Program is to be completed in the following stages:

1.  Access the Manual from the Archdiocese for the Military Services website


2.  Select the appropriate program (Note:  Most Catechists will complete the training at the AMS Catechist Formation Training Manual link.)


3.  On completion of each Track, participants will complete Integration Exercises and Contact Sheet.  The exercises and contact sheet are included on the PowerPoint slides, which you’ll download from the AMS Catechist Formation Training Manual link.


4.  Send your Integration Exercises and Contact sheet to Ms Christine Johnson, RE Coordinator, via e-mail.


5.  Either Father or Christine will forward the Integration Exercises to the Archdiocese for the Military Services via e-mail to Program Coordinator, Dr. Jem Sullivan.


6.  After review, the Integration Exercises will be returned to Father and the  catechists via e-mail


7.  Repeat this process for each of the five tracks


8.  On completion of all five tracks Chaplains, catechists and teachers receive certification letters indicating successful completion of the formation program and certification as catechists of the Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA

E-mail RE Coordinator


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