Overview - Seven Sacraments


Sacraments which were instituted by Christ Himself are visible signs of an inward grace acting in our souls.  They are special occasions for experiencing God's saving presence



Physical Signs

nGod instituted the physical signs that we call sacraments, in order to express the supernatural realities of grace:

? ¨we are born to supernatural life through Baptism,

?     ¨we are strengthened by Confirmation,

?     ¨we are sustained by the food of the Eucharist,

? ¨we recover the supernatural life lost by sin through Penance, 

? ¨and we make ready for the journey that will end up in heaven through the Anointing of the Sick.

? "Holy Orders  provide ministers for the Church,

? "and Matrimony, from which children are born to perpetuate human society and, when regenerated by baptism, make the Church grow

Why were the Sacraments Instituted?

Christ wanted to adapt Himself to our nature, bestowing divine gifts on us through the material things we use, so that it would be easier for us to receive those gifts.

The humanity of Christ is the instrument united to His divinity used to carry out the redemption of mankind. In the same way, the sacraments are the instruments separated from His divinity through which God sanctifies us, adapting Himself to our nature and understanding.


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