Blessed Francis Seelos

1819 - 1867

Feast Day - October 5

Known as the "Cheerful Ascetic"

Blessed Francis SeelosBlessed Francis Xavier Seelos possessed great mystical gifts due to his intense prayer life, and numerous miracles are attributed to his powerful intercession both in life and in the almost 150 years since his death at age 48 from yellow fever.  His dedication to ministry with cheerful holiness makes him an outstanding model for today's clergy, religious, and laity.  He wrote, "We must strive to embrace the crosses which God send us with a willing, even joyful heart"

When Seelos left his Bavarian homeland to serve the immigrant Church in the United Stated as s Redemptorist priest, he and his compatriots encountered unimaginable hostilities for being German and Catholic.  His exemplary witness through this adversity broke down barriers and dissipated people's fears.

As as itinerant preachers, pastor, seminary director, and lifelong friend of the destitute, Seelos was a spiritual father to thousands.  Countless pilgrims visit his Assumption Church in New Orleans.  he was beatified by Pope John Paul II in 2000, and we pray for his canonization. 

The National Shrine of Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos is located in New Orleans, LA.

Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos' Practical Guide to Holiness

1.  Go to Mass with deepest devotion.

2.  Spend a half hour to reflect upon your main failing and make resolutions to avoid it.

3.  Do daily spiritual reading for at least 15 minutes, if a half hour is not possible.

4.  Say the rosary every day.

5.  Also daily, if at all possible, visit the Blessed Sacrament; and toward evening, meditate on the Passion of Christ for a half hour.

6.  Conclude the day with evening prayer and an examination of conscience over all the faults and sins of the day.

7.  Every month make a review of the month in confession.

8.  Choose a special patron every month and imitate that patron in some special virtue.

9.  Precede every great feat with a novena, that is, nine days of devotion.

10.  Try to begin and end every activity with a "Hail Mary."

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