Saint Brigid of Ireland

Feast Day - February 1

Patron Saint of Ireland

Saint Brigid of IrelandSaint Brigid of Kildare or Brigid of Ireland, together with Saint Patrick and Saint Columcille, St Brigid is one of Ireland’s three patron saints.  She lived in Ireland and died around 525.  She chose the religious life when still very young and was the founder and abbess of the great monastery at Kildare.  Her following is strongest in Ireland, were she is second only to Patrick (who is said to have baptized her), but has spread elsewhere, with churches dedicated to her in England and Scotland as well as on the continent of Europe.

In art, she often appears wearing the white gown of a nun and the black veil of an abbess; she is sometimes accompanied by a cow, in memory of her work in a dairy as a young girl.

She is traditionally associated with the Cross of St. Brigid, a form of the cross made from reeds or straw that is placed in homes for blessing and protection. Some Eastern Catholics and Eastern Orthodox Christians also celebrate her feast, on the same date as the Roman Catholic Church.

Brigid is of Celtic derivation and means "strong, powerful, exalted."

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