Saint Cornelius

Feast Day - September 16

Patron Saint:  against earache, against epilepsy, against fever,
against twitching, cattle, domestic animals, earache sufferers, epileptics,  Kornelim√ľnster, Germany

St CorneliusSaint Cornelius was born in Rome.  He was elected Pope to succeed Fabian in an election delayed 14 months by Decius' (Emperor of Rome) persecution of the Christians.  The main issue of his pontificate was the readmitting to the church Christians who apostatized (gave up their beliefs) during the persecution.  Pope Cornelius proclaimed the Church had the authority and the power to forgive repentant lapsi and could readmit them to the sacraments and the Church after they had performed proper penances. A synod of Western bishops in Rome in October 251 upheld Cornelius.  When persecutions of the Christians started up again in 253 under Emperor Gallus, Cornelius was exiled to Centum Cellae (Civita Vecchia), where he died a martyr probably of hardships he was forced to endure.


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