Erhard of Regensburg

Feast Day - January 8

Patron Saint of Livestock

Saint ErhardSaint Erhard was a bishop and missionary to Bavaria, Germany.  An Irishman, Saint Erhard was auxiliary bishop of Ratisbon and possibly the abbot of Ebersheimmunstet Abbey.

Erhard (German which means "Strong in honor") lived between the 7th and 8th centuries, and little is known about his life and acts.  Probably originally from Ireland, after a pilgrimage to Rome in the company of Saint Albert of Cashel (also recalled on this day), he went to Bavaria. 

Saint Erhard went to Regensburg and founded the nunnery of Niederm√ľnster.  By Divine inspiration he was recalled to the Rhineland to baptize St. Odilia, blind from her birth, but who received her eyesight at her baptism. 

The year of his death is not known.  He was interred in the still-extant Erhard-crypt at Niederm√ľnster, and miracles were wrought at his grave, that was guarded in the Middle Ages by Erhardinonnen, a religious community of women who observed there a perpetual round of prayer.

He is depicted in episcopal vestments.

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