Confirmation Class - Bishop Letter

Write a letter to the Bishop

Before the celebration of Confirmation, the Bishop is required by Canon Law to know that candidates have been properly prepared.  He should also know that each candidate has a desire for and knowledge of the sacrament.  To help the Bishop meet his responsibility, candidates are asked to write a letter to him.


This letter will be read by
the Bishop when he arrives for the ceremony.  He may ask you a question or two during the ceremony.


Address the Bishop as "Your Excellency" in your letter.


The letter will be typed and grammatically correct.  If necessary, ask your parents to review/proof your letter.


Candidates are encouraged to write their letters from the heart, but the letter should demonstrate the candidate's understanding of the sacrament, his or her desire to receive the sacrament, and how this will change his/her life


You may wish to use the following questions to get started:


t  Why do you want to be confirmed?  Remember that receiving the sacrament of Confirmation is your decision.  As much as a family member may want or encourage you to be confirmed, it is your decision alone.

t  State why you feel you are ready to celebrate the sacrament of Confirmation (this can include the service projects you have been involved in).

t  What does being confirmed mean to you?

t  If true, tell the bishop that you have prepared for the sacrament through study, instruction and prayer.

t  What does your faith mean to you?  What does it mean to you to be Catholic?

t  What role does God and your faith in God play in your everyday life?

t  What does being a member of this parish community mean to you?

t  How will you participate in our parish community after you receive Confirmation?  Inform the bishop how you will accept the responsibility of living a more mature Christian life and how you will serve the community.

t  We included a sample letter (link below).   The letter is to provide you some ideas.  Do not copy the letter word for word.  Write a personal letter based on the information provided above.

Sample Letter to the Bishop

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