Confirmation Class - Community Service

Service and the Mission of the Church

The mission of the Church makes clear that service is integral to Catholics.  The Church’s mission is threefold.  It includes word, worship, and service.  We live out the mission of word by reading Scripture and spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ.  We carry out the mission of worship as we participate in liturgies and communal prayer.  We live out the mission of service as we serve one another and the Church.  Take time to teach young people about the mission of the Church and our long history of Catholic social teaching.  As you do this, you will help them understand that service is not an extracurricular activity, but a way of living our faith. 

Community Service Hours

Candidates are be expected to complete 20 hours of community service before the final retreat.  If you're a member of a scouting program, the community service time cannot be used for both programs. 


The Community Service Plan and Tracking sheet can be downloaded from this link - Community Service Tracking Sheet.

Confirmation Candidate Role

The decision to celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation indicates that a member of our faith has accepted the role of disciple and witness to Christ.  Service to others is in integral part of this discipleship.

To help prepare, not only for the Sacrament of Confirmation, but also for a life of ongoing service to others, our candidates should participate in a variety of service opportunities.  We strongly urge the sponsor and/or parent(s) to also participate in these service projects.

The Church teaches us that it is the responsibility of the baptized to live the Gospel in the world.  Christians actively preach and spread the Gospel when they participate in both civic and parish-based activities in a manner consistent with Jesus’ example and teachings.

Candidate helping with the
younger children at
Vacation Bible School

As we believe that the sacrament of Confirmation empowers a person to live the faith in a very public way, each candidate is asked to participate in a community service.  This service can take many forms (e.g., altar server, assist in various church activities such as the parish picnic, helping at an area nursing home, Senior home, participating in the March for life, working at a food bank or food kitchen, running a food drive for the homeless or needy, etc.)

You can work as a group, as individuals, or with your sponsor and/or parents.  This gives you freedom to choose service projects that interests you. 

“Faith without works is dead"  James 2:14-26

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