Saint or Sinner? A Quiz to Test Your Inner Catholic

Are you walking the path of the saints, or are you in need of a spiritual compass to steer you back to righteousness? Your inner Catholic compass might be more saintly than you think, or perhaps it leans a little towards the sinner’s side.

No matter where you fall on the spectrum, it’s always a good time to reflect on your spiritual journey. Take our quiz to unveil your inner Catholic persona and get some insightful tips on fostering your spiritual growth.

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How to Take the Quiz

Before we delve into the questions, here’s how this works: Answer each question truthfully. Tally your answers — the majority of A, B, or C choices will reveal if you’re more of a saint, somewhere in the middle, or if you have more work to do on your spiritual path.

Are you a saint or a sinner

Question 1: Sunday Mass

A. I rarely miss Sunday Mass; it’s a time for community and worship.
B. I attend Mass fairly regularly, but I might miss a Sunday here and there.
C. Sunday is my rest day; I go to church occasionally.

Question 2: Acts of Charity

A. I frequently volunteer and donate to the less fortunate. Giving is a joy.
B. I give to charity when I can, but I’m not always consistent.
C. I support charities during the holidays or when there’s a significant need.

Question 3: Prayer Life

A. Prayer is a daily ritual for me, often several times a day.
B. I pray mainly in times of need or during Sunday Mass.
C. I find myself praying mostly when I’m in trouble.

Question 4: Observing Lent

A. I observe Lent strictly, including fasting, abstinence, and penance.
B. I try to give up something for Lent, but I don’t always stick to it.
C. Lent passes by me; I’m not really into the fasting and rituals.

Question 5: Knowledge of The Saints

A. I’m familiar with the lives of many saints and draw inspiration from them.
B. I know about the popular saints and a few of their stories.
C. Saints? I know a couple of names, but that’s about it.

Question 6: Vices and Temptations

A. I actively work to overcome my vices and avoid temptations.
B. I’m not perfect and give in occasionally, but I try to stay virtuous.
C. Everyone has their vices; as long as I’m a good person, it’s fine.

Question 7: Sharing Your Faith

A. I love to share my faith with others; it’s an important part of who I am.
B. I share my faith when asked, but I don’t push it on anyone.
C. I keep my faith private; it’s a personal matter.

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Mostly A’s: Saint in the Making

Your devotion to faith, prayer, and charity is evident. Like the beloved saints before you, you’re on a path of virtue and grace. Keep shining your light on the world! Remember, saints are not born; they are made through continuous effort and unwavering faith.

Mostly B’s: The Faithful Balancer

You strive for a pious life while navigating the complexities of the modern world. Although you sometimes falter, your heart is in the right place. Keep seeking God’s guidance, and you’ll find the balance between being devout and living in the world.

Mostly C’s: The Straying Pilgrim

You may have strayed a bit from the path, but it’s never too late to redirect your steps towards a more spiritual life. Consider what small changes you can make, like attending Mass more regularly or setting aside time for prayer, to reconnect with your Catholic roots.

In the journey of faith, it is crucial to remember that we are all works in progress. Whether you’re a saint in the making, a faithful balancer, or a straying pilgrim, every step towards God is a step in the right direction.

Reflect on your quiz results, and consider how you can continue to cultivate your spiritual life within the Catholic Church. Remember, the goal is not about being perfect—it’s about striving for a closer relationship with God and nurturing your faith with each passing day.

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